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Desert Vista High School Men’s Lacrosse Club

Participant Code of Ethics and Conduct


We are extremely proud of the young men that participate in our program and remain unflinching in our commitment to their development, not only as lacrosse players, but in their journey from the young men of today to the leaders of tomorrow. Therefore, as a means of ensuring everyone associated with Desert Vista High School Men’s Lacrosse Club (DVLC) works positively toward this goal, and has the best experience possible along the way, this document outlines a list of behaviors we expect and others we do not condone. While this document does not, and cannot, address every eventuality, it can serve as an initial point of reference, meant to guide behavior. While the list of acceptable, and unacceptable, behaviors outlined in the pledge below is comprehensive it is not exhaustive.


It is the expectation of DVLC’s board, that each player, parents/guardians, and coach (collectively participants) will read this document, in its entirety, and make every effort to adhere to the guidelines and conditions set forth herein. Participants will not be allowed to engage in team activities until the Board of Directors receives an executed pledge.


Expectations for Players:

As a lacrosse player within the DVLC you have made a commitment to yourself, your family and all those affiliated with the DVLC (teammates, coaches, administrators, etc). Every player has a responsibility to represent our community positively, exhibiting the virtues and values those within the DVLC hold dear - integrity, teamwork, compassion, humility.


The following stipulations apply to all DVLC players and relate to all DVLC sanctioned or sponsored events. For the purposes of this document “sanctioned or sponsored events'' shall include individual or group training sessions, team practices, scrimmages, games, tournaments, meetings and related lodging and transportation to and from events. The DVLC reserves the right to amend these guidelines at any time, with or without prior notice, to participants.


Expectations for parents/guardians, coaches and administrators:

If you have responsibilities within the program you are expected to model the Code and strive to exhibit the values it represents. Work to consistently promote a culture of integrity, make ethical decisions and conduct yourself in an honest manner, in everything you say and do. It is expected that you will never encourage, or direct any fellow participant of this program to achieve, a desired result through behavior that violates this Code.


Code Violation:

When one of our participants fails to follow our Code a violation shall be deemed to have occurred. Any and all Code violations will be taken seriously. Code violations may lead to disciplinary action that matches the nature and circumstances of the violation, up to and including suspension or dismissal from the program.








I pledge to uphold the spirit of the DVLC Code of Conduct (the “Code”), which offers a guide to my conduct as a participant in the program. I will familiarize myself with the Code and understand that acceptance of its provisions is a condition of my ongoing involvement.


As a player in the program, I hereby promise and agree that I…

Will act in a sportsmanlike manner consistent with the spirit of fair play at all times;

Will not engage in any criminal conduct;

Will refrain from using offensive language;

Will not possess, use or distribute drugs, tobacco products or alcohol;

Will refrain from conduct that detracts from my, or my teammates, ability to perform;

Will respect the property of others, whether personal or public;

Will respect members of my team, other teams, coaches, officials and spectators;

Will not engage in any form of discriminatory behavior;

Will not author, forward, or post vulgar or offensive notes, texts, photographs, or other content online that reflects negatively on me, my team or other individuals associated with DVLC;

Whenever possible, will discourage others from posting content online that would reflect negatively on me, my team or other individuals associated with DVLC;

Will provide my coach with adequate notice if I cannot participate in team sanctioned or sponsored events.



I have read and accept DVLC’s Code of Conduct. I agree to the rules, guidelines, and procedures stated in herein as conditions of being a participant in the program.


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I have read and accept DVLC’s Code of Conduct. I agree to the rules, guidelines, and procedures stated in herein as conditions of being a parent/guardian of a participant in the program.


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